Adoptive Mamas of the Metro

Women who have adopted, are waiting to adopt, or are interested in adoption are welcome to join our group. Our members have adopted internationally, domestically, and through foster care. Some moms have biological and adopted children. Some of our members have adopted siblings, children with special needs, older children, and children of other races. Many members have experienced infertility, while other members chose adoption for other reasons. Some mamas have been parenting kids for over twenty years, while others are new to motherhood or are still waiting to become mothers through adoption. The variety of women provides an enriching experience for all!

We meet to empower and educate one another on the topic of adoption.

When and Where?
We meet once a month on a Sunday evening, usually at a restaurant in Edwardsville, IL. Twice a year, we have an all-family picnic at a local park.

What (can I expect)?
We spend a few hours sharing with one another the joys and hardships of our adoption journeys. We ask questions. We eat, we drink, and we are very merry! We share resources, experiences, and ideas. Spouses, partners, and kids stay at home to allow moms privacy to share their stories and a break from the craziness of daily life.

How (do I join in)?
E-mail the group facilitator, Rachel Garlinghouse, at whitebrownsugar AT hotmail DOT com, to find out meeting information.

~Our group is available for local speaking engagements.   Contact Rachel at whitebrownsugar AT hotmail DOT com for information.~
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