My Adoption Philosophy

I believe adoption is complicated, intricate, evolving, and bittersweet.  

I am honored to be a mother to my children.  However, I am ever-mindful that my beautiful brown babies came to me through a tremendous loss to their biological parents.    I do all I can to create trusting, loving relationships with the kids' biological families through open adoption.

I believe adoptive parents have a responsibility to self-educate.  That's why I created a resources page on my blog---to give parents a place to get started.   When you know better, you do better.    I continually seek to learn more about adoption.

Transracial adoptive parents have a unique responsibility to foster racial pride and identity within their children.    I do not believe in entering into transracial adoption lightly.   However, I'm heartbroken at the lack of families willing to parent children of color.   I pray my blog helps open hearts and minds.

Overall, I believe that Christians are accountable for all their words and actions.  We cannot conceal the complexity of adoption with fluffy adoption terms, one-sided stories, or ignorance.    With all the resources available and with human hearts and lives on the line, empowering ourselves through adoption awareness and education is essential.      

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