Simple & Personalized Self-Publishing Consultation
with author Rachel Garlinghouse

“I’ve always wanted to write a book.” 

Almost weekly, I’m approached by someone who knows I am an author, and the person tells me his or her dreams:  to write and publish a book.   The idea is there, simmering, sometimes for years.   And then the person says, I am ready, but what next? 

My Story:  I was offered the opportunity to publish my first book, Come Rain or Come Shine: AWhite Parent’s Guide to Adopting and Parenting Black Children, with a traditional publisher.  After much back-and-forth, I realized the offer wasn’t a good fit for my project.  The publisher wanted to change too much of my writing, editing my voice and content, to the point I felt the book wouldn’t be MINE.  I knew my audience (moms-by-adoption and women hoping to adopt):  what they wanted and needed.  And I wasn’t going to let someone lure me into being untrue to myself and my audience.   Additionally, I learned I would make less than $1 per book, yet I’d still be responsible for the vast majority of marketing! 

That’s when I opted to self-publish.  And I’m so happy I did.  Not only do I make significantly more money per book (4-5x what the publisher offered me), but I’ve been able to connect with my readers and tailor my marketing strategies to their needs and desires.   Now here I am, over four years and FIVE books later, with a sixth book in-the-works.   And guess who has control over everything from the content to the cover design to the marketing to the media appearances?  ME!
I used to tell my writing students, when you put your name on your paper and hand it in to me, you’d better be damn proud of it.  I’ve taken my own advice, took charge of my writing career, and put all the (hard-earned) profits into my bank account, only putting my name on the publications I'm proud of.    

My Experience and Education:  I’ve self-published five books, including two children’s books, in just four years.  I’m a former college writing teacher (8 years of experience) with a master’s degree in Teaching of Writing, and I’ve authored hundreds of articles, including some with over 1,000,000 reads!  I’m also a blogger and speaker, and I’ve made media appearances on CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and Huff Post Live, discussing the topics I’m passionate about.  Most of these opportunities stemmed from my published writing.     

Why hire me?:   Self-publishing can be overwhelming.  You might have a great idea, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  Where do you go from here?   That’s where I come in!   After selling thousands of books and putting all the profits into my own bank account, I’m here to help you make your dreams come true!  And the beauty of it all?  By doing personal consultations, I can tailor our conversations to fit your needs.   I’m passionate about writing and helping budding authors achieve their dreams, while putting the maximum profits into their pocketbooks!     

Cost:   Tired of sitting on your fabulous idea?  Let’s get started together.  You can purchase one hour for $125, two hours for $225 (better deal), or (best deal!) three hours for $275.  If you purchase the three hour package, you’ll be offered additional hours at a discounted rate.   

What will I get?:   You decide how you want to spend your time with me!   We consult via Skype and/or e-mail.  Skype sessions will occur in the evenings or sometimes on weekends.  E-mail communication can happen almost anytime. Before we Skype, you’ll let me know what you’d like to discuss, giving me time to prepare. 

What types of things can you help me with?  
  • ·         Decide if self-publishing is best for you
  • ·         Navigate the self-publishing process
  • ·         Motivate you from an idea to a manuscript, tightening your focus and coming up with a purpose
  • ·         Help you choose a self-publishing service and discover which service options are best for your particular project
  • ·         How to conduct market research so you can make sure your book is needed and different
  • ·         Offer you strategies to stay motivated and focused, without losing your creativity
  • ·         Guide you on marketing your book (selecting your target audience and getting the word out) and marketing yourself as an author
  • ·         Provide you with resources and connections

What I do not offer:  Editing services, reading manuscripts (outside of the occasional sample chapter), writing the book for you, graphic design, photography, consultation on personal matters.

Why hire me instead of take a course?:  E-courses are great! They can be incredibly helpful.  However, they are not personalized to meet your needs and answer questions pertaining to your specific project, your challenges, and your desires.   I treat my clients as individuals, not as a "class" of students.  Plus, we can get a lot more accomplished on your project in a shorter period of time since we're working one-on-one. Many e-course teachers will admit you into a private FB group following the course; this is helpful if you have broader questions about the writing and publishing process.  However, I never recommend sharing the specifics of your book idea on a forum:  you risk having your idea stolen. Thus, once again, it makes much more sense to hire a consultant like myself, someone who will honor your confidentiality.       

Policies:  I keep track of the hours we use, whether by Skype and/or by e-mail.  E-mail reading/replying will be rounded up by 15 minute increments.    Skype sessions are done by the half-hour or hour.  If you need to cancel a Skype session, please give me at least a four-hour notice.   If you cancel twice you will be charged for a half-hour of my time.   For any purchase, you have six months to use your hours.   No refunds are provided.  

What do I need to do?  Once you e-mail me ( and tell me you’re ready to move forward, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.  Once that is taken care of, I will send you a short questionnaire about you and your project.  Then we schedule Skype sessions and/or start e-mailing.  It’s really that easy.  

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