Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby No More

Miss E is growing up, too quickly, as veteran parents told me she would. I'm not clinging to her baby clothes and sobbing, but I am missing the sweet smell of a newborn. Because we'll adopt again, I'll get my baby fix now by borrowing someone else's. :) (Thankfully I have a few friends due this summer).

One example of how quickly E is growing up is her ability to do chores. And she doing chores. It started with the dishwasher (she put a fork in one day and the rest is history) and a washcloth in the dryer (and now tossing the clothes in and then playing mercilessly with the light). Then we progressed to dusting. A few weeks ago, I handed E the cloth napkins (we are going green!) and the dinner forks, and as you can see in the photo, we had successful results!

Simple, ordinary days can be beautiful. My daughter reminds me of this as she reaches new heights (literally) and looks at me with her big, brown eyes, waiting for me to cheer and clap and do silly dances in celebration. She's speaking several new words every day. She's not a baby anymore, but she hasn't yet lost that wonder and amazement when something new crosses her path---her own shadow, a cloth napkin and fork, a bug.

Her smile says it all. "See, mom? Life is pretty cool."

I'm honored that she daily invites me to walk this journey with her.

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