Monday, July 12, 2010

You Ask, I Answer: Hair Products

Because I've been asked so many times....

We are currently using Carol's Daughter hair products on Miss E's hair. We've tried two other product lines (one from Wal-Mart called Just For Me and an herbal line out of Chicago....I forget the name). I decided to switch after CD was recommended to me by a friend (white mama with a brown baby boy) whose son's hair smelled like heaven.

I'm going with Carol's Daughter products for a few reasons:

  • They smell fabulous---unlike most ethnic hair care products.

  • They are free of many of the nasty chemicals contained in other products like parabens, unknown fragrances, etc.

  • They are moderately priced. The website often offers free shipping, and if you search the Net, you can often find coupon codes for 10% off. Some Macy's stores now have Carol's Daughter booths, which I recommend visiting if you are buying the products for the first time and like me, are sensitive to scents.

Specifically, we use:

  • The Princess and the Frog Shampoo (once every three weeks)

  • The Princess and the Frog Conditioner (twice a week)

  • The Tui Leave-in Conditioner (daily)

  • Hair Milk (daily)

  • Tui Hair Oil (twice a week)

Additionally, I will rub straight up (yup) coconut oil on her scalp which has been exceedingly dry lately.

My goal is to keep Miss E's hair as natural as possible. So many black women have told me "keep it natural" based on their perms and products gone-bad experiences. Because black hair is so dry and often fragile, one bad "beauty" treatment can ruin their hair.

Trial and error is how this whole hair thing works, and hopefully I won't have to try anything new for a long, long time.

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