Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mommy Break

What makes you feel happy, content, and revived?

Make a list. Seriously. Do it right now. :)

For me it's:

tea: chai, peppermint, fruity of any type

music(or "muse-mick" as my daughter pronounces it): I listen to different types of music based on my mood. I got the most fabulous Motown CD for $1.60 at Hallmark last month. :) We dance to it in the kitchen all the time.

baking: a favorite cookie recipe (which always involves chocolate!)

eating healthy: hummus and veggies, lots of water (stay hydrated!), mango smoothies with lime juice and agave nectar (yum!), fruit

exercising: It does so many good things for me, and I love feeling tired and sore after a great workout.

sleep: enough quality, sound sleep does wonders for me. I've made changes to my room like made it really dark.

reading: my Bible is the best place to start. I love a great book I can't put down which is usually an adoption-related memoir or some chick-lit.

watching a very few select tv shows: The Tudors (love the drama!), Brothers and Sisters, The Office, Parks and Recreation (Love Rob Lowe's character---he plays a health nut who says "literally" constantly and it sounds like "LIT-er-ALLY"). All these shows are watched when the girls are in bed. I have a two-year-old who repeats anything and everything.

nights out with girlfriends: whether it's shopping, dinner, or a play date (which has to count due to my very limited amount of girlfriend time).

sunshine: I have never liked the outdoors very much due to heat and snakes. I grew up in the Midwest and in the country. But I haven't seen a snake in the eight years I've lived in the St. Louis area. The heat is still here, but I've adjusted to it. I now take the girls outside in a blow up-pool and we spray each other with the hose. Cool as cucumbers!

Now, what makes you not feel good but that you continue to do?

For me it's:

too much time on the computer: hurts my neck, strains my eyes, makes me tired.

crappy TV: I DVR shows that I like but don't LOVE---waste of time.

too much dessert: I LOVE dessert. Diabetes keeps me in check most of the time.

not enough dates with my husband: We could go out more, we just need to try harder to make it happen!

staying up too late watching crappy tv: Puh-leeze.

Think about which "not good" activities you can replace with activities that rejuvenate you.

Figure out how to better manage your time. Put the kids to bed earlier, hire a babysitter, have a designated mom's-night-out every few weeks. Do what you have to. Be the best woman you can, and you'll end up being a rockin' wife and mommy, too.

And, model for your children what it means to set priorities for yourself. Our actions speak volumes to our children.

I'd love to know some of the things you do that make you happy. Details, please!

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  1. Music-for dancing, playing the piano and listening to while the rest of the world goes silent. Lots of love to my iPod!
    Rain-love the sound, the Earth getting a shower, the stillness & cleanliness. The smell of worms afterwards even has a charm.
    Books and Blogs-for inspiration, for laughter for fantasy
    Colored Writing Utensils-for the fun of doodles, the organization of a schedule/to-do list, for the (temporary) tattoos on skin.
    Dogs-for walking, for fuzzy fur to fluff and sweet heads to kiss. Four-legged friends are the best!


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