Monday, November 21, 2011

Interesting Article

What do you think after reading this article


  1. I liked it! I think she was candid and transparent and I completely appreciate that. I have already had discussions with a few of my closest girlfriends that I want to be sure our adoption motives are 100% genuine and not tainted with the desire to wear a banner of "look what Christlike thing I have done". She brought up some points/ways of doing that that perhaps I wouldn't have considered. I'm proud of that author.

  2. This was a very timely piece for me. I think this is something that needs to be navigated through individually and prayerfully, based on the situation. Recently I've noticed my tendency to over share - and not just in the realm of adoption. We're still waiting for our placement, and this is probably the one realm of my life where I had managed some boundaries. I normally put my over-sharing in the "authenticity" column, but I'm coming to believe that some things need to be further processed, digested, and protected, before we decide to spit them up all over those in earshot, or even our circle of friends.
    I've been warned many times that a large portion of our adoption story is our (future) child's story - it should be their decision to tell or not to tell because once it's out it cannot be taken back.
    That being said, educating people is so important. How many people have adopted because they saw a friend go through it? It makes it real, and it makes it seem possible.
    I think if we're sensitive to the Lord, we'll find opportunities to share His heart and love (and ours) for adoption while walking that fine line.

  3. Wow-- thanks for sharing. This is the second time I've read something like this recently. The last one was more of a "why celebrate adoption day"-- stop emphasizing that your children are adopted. My kids like to celebrate anything so we choose to celebrate adoption month but we didn't and won't celebrate "Gotcha Day" since it was only 2 days after she was born. To me that seems silly. Anyhow, I can see her point and I believe that our family will probably talk about it less as time goes on. Makes sense to me....


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