Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Goodness

Some inspirational goodies:

1:  I stopped by a friend's house to drop off some items for her yard sale.   I asked her how her at-home business was going and she said something so simple and profound:

The business is on hold for now.  I'm concentrating on being a wife and mother.  Instead of always pushing my kids aside to get more work done, I'm going to focus on them.

I thought, what courage that decision takes!  I mean truly, it's simple AND complicated.  It involves putting self (and money earning) aside to focus on the sweet blessings right in front of you.  This is an area of life I struggle with.   But I know what my girls need most from me is time and attention---not a Pottery Barn bedroom or another article about transracial adoption with my name stamped across the top or a gourmet dinner.   They want ME.  And when kids don't get attention from mom and dad, they will seek it from other people and things.  

2:  I wanted to share with you an old post by one of my favorite bloggers.   She shares suggestions on expressing love to your spouse.  Goes along with the stop-think-act idea; love those who are right in front of you.   Simple yet these actions make such an impact!

One thing I struggle with is just sitting and talking to my spouse.  I want to, but we are both so busy!  Work, the kids, our to-do lists (which are very long right now with owning two houses---gulp).  But I know, I KNOW, that I need to invest time in my life-partner. 

3:  Take a moment to sit in the sunshine as it finds its way to you in the coming days.   Amanda Soule talks about the importance of going outside EVERY day, even for five minutes, even if takes a lot of effort (getting kids dressed for the weather).   I Amanda's books!  

My diabetes doc shared with me how many people, especially diabetics, are deficient in vitamin D.  Get out in the sunshine without sunscreen for a few minutes!   Vitamin D is so important to your health, not to mention you feel happier with a little sun on your skin. 

4:  Finally, please check out this blog post by a friend of mine.     Funny she wrote about the man who needed a hug.   Just yesterday I was driving to work and saw a young lady walking onto campus.  She had a LONG walk ahead of her as our campus is on a lot of beautiful acreage.  I turned around and asked her if she wanted a ride, which she politely declined, but I think even offering something, like Charity did (a hug) to someone, even if they say no, is a way to show them someone cares about them.   We just never know what our words or simple gestures might do for someone.    No doubt I've been blessed by the simple kindness of others.  Pass it on!   

And I particularly appreciate Charity being so honest about her chronic disease (MS).   As most of you know, I have type I diabetes, and I share many of her feelings.  It's not fair, it sucks, and it's very difficult...and the disease creeps up at the most inconvienant of times (on a date with my husband, when we have an important event to attend, when I'm trying to take care of my girls, when I have a massive stack of essays to grade, etc.).  I don't want pity, but I do want support.  I don't want advice, but I do want encouragement.   Today, if you know someone who is dealing with a medical issue or taking care of someone who has medical struggles, do something simple and kind for them.   Drop off a bag of chocolate or a bottle of wine.   Buy them a devotional or give them a blank journal.  Don't tell them how to deal or think about their illness, just show them that you support them.

BE INSPIRED today, my friends!  xoxoxo

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