Thursday, September 5, 2013

Must-Reads: I've Got Ya Covered

There are so many fabulous blogs out there, and I've been saving a list of must-read (fairly recent) blog posts for you to curl up after you get your kids to bed.  :)   So, here goes!

Why I Let My Adopted Preschoolers Nurse
---It's a topic many of my adoptive mama friends talk about, but often don't have the courage/conviction/confidence to do.  Nurse when you make no milk?  Nurse when your child is in preschool?  What-what?   Love Zoe's honesty in this post on her blog Slow Mama. 

Nurture and Structure
---Another topic that many of us in the adoption world know about, but we have a hard time explaining it outside of our "safe circle":  the very-difficult parts of adoption.    Beyond the adoption aspect, any mother can relate to the hardships we all face when things don't go as they are "supposed to."  Read this fascinating post on It's Almost Naptime. 

Laters Into Nows
---Most people have a plan of some sort.  But what is one to do when that plan is altered by circumstance or situation?   Take the plunge!  This author's faith-journey is surprisingly simple, yet profound.   And yes, it involves adoption!  Check it out on the Created for Care blog. 

And, a tear-jerking video:

So, old news, Oprah has a sister who was placed for adoption.  New news:  How's it going?   In a recent Where Are They Now? episode on OWN (set your DVR to see the whole episode), Oprah and her sister talk about their relationship, and in particular, the sister discusses what it's like to find out who her family is.   What fantastic insight into the world of adoptees:  loss, joy, confusion, and possibilities. 

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