Monday, September 8, 2014

Jacq's Dolls: For Kids of All Colors

Welcome to our newest partner, Jacq's Dolls

Meet owner Jacqueline Bryant: 
I did not start out as an artist; I am a recovering economist. I worked for a number of years in development, concentrating on west Africa, and then more years as a public health consultant. A lot of my contract work dried up during the recession, however. I had been making art quilts and dolls for a few years, but mainly as gifts. Economic upheaval gave me the push I needed to start my business in 2010. 

The tag line for Jacq's Dolls is "inspired by you." Though I am generally inspired by the sweetness of children, I was specifically inspired by my daughter. When she was about 5, she asked me if I could make a doll for her. Because I made art quilts, it made sense to her that if I could sew a quilt, I could sew a doll. This was not true, and the first doll was only successful because she loved it. I felt compelled then to make better and better dolls, and to have them look like my daughter and her friends. That is why I decided to hand-dye the fabric for their skin; commercial fabrics did not reflect a true range of skin tones.
Jacq's Dolls are customizable and come in a variety of sizes. People sometimes email me a picture of the child so that I know who I'm making the doll for. I have even had moms send me an outgrown favorite dress from which to make the doll's dress! Making the dolls is a true labor of love, and I hope that love comes through in the finished product. 
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