Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adoption Hurdles: Adoption Talk Link-Up

Adoption interesting topic for sure.

I know a lot of families-by-adoption take on the "it was hard but now it's over" attitude.  They easily forget how tough adoption can be, for the long-haul, not just in the waiting seasons.  This is one reason Madeleine and I wrote our book: Encouragement for the Adoption and Parenting Journey:  52 Devotions and a Journal.   We know the hard times ebb and flow.  There is no such thing as "easy" when it comes to parenting, and sometimes adoption can add complexity to our stories, our journeys.

Today, I want to share with you all a heart-post, a post that means so much to me.   If you search "adoption" on Pinterest, it's one of the top pins.  It's called Relishing in the Bittersweet, featured on a blog called I Am Not The Babysitter.

When I am faced, as I still am five years later, with guilt, sympathy, confusion, and heartache, I stop, I breathe, and I embrace these.    These feelings are not to be feared or ignored.    They are part of the journey.   This bittersweet adoption path has conditioned me to see with clarity, respond with love, and simmer in possibility.

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