Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear Sugar: 8 Favorite Baby Products that Moms By Adoption Need

Dear Sugar:

This post is for those of you waiting for your baby.  If you're anything like I was, you want to be prepared.  You want to buy things for the baby who will go from "the" baby to YOUR baby.   But the choices?  So overwhelming, yes?  

After adopting four times, I've got you covered!   Today I'm sharing with you my favorite products in the hopes that they bring you sweet baby dreams.   If you click on the photo, you'll be taken to Amazon to read reviews, learn more about the product, and purchase.  

1:  Glass bottles.

I know what you're thinking? What is this, Rach, 1900?   But I love, love our glass bottles.  They are incredibly sturdy (we have NEVER BROKEN one) and simple.  I loathe complicated bottles.  Who has time to wash 4000 bottle parts?  Plus, all the little bottle pieces mean the potential for mold and bacteria---gross!   These bottles can be used with the Dr. Brown nipples (which come in various flow options depending on your baby's needs:  preemie, slow, medium, and fast).   Dishwasher safe.  And can be used for baby after baby!   

2:  Adoption friendly baby books.

Most baby books start by asking for details about the pregnancy...which doesn't work when you don't have a pregnancy. But luckily there are two baby books on the market that are specifically for families who adopt!  Yay!  

3:  Baby carrier. 

I cannot survive without my baby carrier!   With four kids, I need my hands free while keeping my baby close.  There are so many benefits to baby-wearing!  Now, there are gobs of carriers---but I'm a Tula fan all the way!  Mostly because it offers good back and shoulder support.  Cheaper carriers just cannot compare.  And Tula carriers often resell for the same or more than what you originally paid!     

4:  Teething necklace.

I love, love my bright and bold necklace:  it's pretty and soothes my baby's gums.    

5:  Baby doll.  

Nothing is sweeter than a baby holding a baby!   And again, I love finding dolls that look like my children.  This is one of my favorite products, because you get six baby dolls (three different skin tones, boy and girl).  The outfits are interchangeable, and I love the "basket" they come in.  

6:  Skin and hair products.  

If you plan to adopt transracially, I highly recommend getting some natural and healthy products in advance.   For my baby girl, I'm love the Curls hair product.  It smells like cake batter and contains healthy ingredients.  For more on our hair and skin routines, check out my previous (and extensive) post.   

7:  Satin crib sheet.

I put off buying one of these for a long time, because they're expensive and plain.  But it's been a game-changer!  Any other sheet has my baby's hair rubbing right out.  A satin sheet means no more hair loss!   

8:   Encouragement for you.

Last, but not least, is the adoption book I co-authored with my friend Madeleine.  I put this on my top 8 list because mamas, you need to take care of YOU.  By doing so, you can best take care of your baby.   Plus, having a book on-hand gives you something to read while you're rocking your sweet baby to sleep.

-This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  

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  1. Sad to discover we can't buy your book in France neither the hair products... However, we would need both as we just adopt a little girl in Africa. Thank you for all your posts, especially the one about patience. Our little Clémence (Mercy) is our little spring time...


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