Friday, June 9, 2017

Dear Sugar: Easy and Brilliant Father's Day Gift Idea

Hey, Sugar:

My husband is very difficult to buy for.  I finally figured out why:  his very last Love Language is gifts.  He just doesn't care much for receiving gifts.   And guess what?  My #1 Love Language is gifts. Talk about opposites!

Yet I feel compelled, every year, to buy him something:  to put at least one carefully wrapped package in his hands to say thanks for being such a great dad.   A few years ago, I came up with this easy and awesome idea.

I find a children's hardcover picture book to give my husband.  The book focuses on fatherhood and the parent-child relationship.   Then he can read the book to the kids at bedtime.   Easy?  Yes! Thoughtful?  Yep.   Brilliant?   I think so!

So to make your hunt for the perfect Father's Day book a little easier, here are our favorites:  Click on the book image to learn more.  And cheers to awesome dads!  

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