Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Best Empowering Picture Books for Black Boys and Girls: a Valentine's Day Tradition

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that our Valentine's Day tradition is to buy each of our kids a new shirt (usually red or pink and always with hearts!), a book, and a marshmallow chocolate heart. Why a book? Usually by February 14th, my kids have read all the books they received at Christmas and are ready for something new. (Plus, books are our love language!) 

Perhaps you've yet to start a Valentine's Day tradition with your kiddos and are ready to start. We are sharing our favorite empowering picture books for Black boys and girls to inspire you. Of course, February is also Black History Month, another reason to add to your child's library. (Though Black history is EVERY DAY of EVERY year.)

We strongly believe that it's always a good day to affirm your child. I've said so many times that the world works really hard to tear down Black children, so parents have the responsibility and honor of building them up. Books can be one way we do this. 

Think about your own childhood. What was one book you absolutely loved? One that touched your soul and inspired you? One that resontates with you to this day?


Filling your home with books is a powerful way to pour into your children, affirming their incredible Black selves. Valentine's Day is just one day that allows us the opportunity to gift our child a new book that uplifts them. 

Here are our favorite empowering children's picture books for Black boys and girls--plus a few easy readers thrown in. For more suggestions, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Click or tap on the book image to learn more: read a summary, check out the reviews, take a look inside, and purchase if you wish! Happy reading, friends! 

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