Monday, July 10, 2017

Dear Sugar: Bible Verses to Encourage You Along Your Journey

Dear Sugar:

Ten years.  Four adoptions.  Twenty (plus) profile viewings.  Two "stork drops."  Two pre-birth matches.  Dozens of trips to Kansas City.   Open adoption.  Ethical adoption.  Transracial adoption. Domestic infant adoption.   A chronic disease.   Four homestudies.   Four judges.  Two lawyers. Three adoption agencies.  Four social workers.


Whether you are considering adoption, are waiting to adopt, are waiting to adopt again, or are parenting a child you adopted, these verses will encourage and inspire you along the way.   They are some of my absolute favorites!   ***Click on the center of the image to pin***

For more encouragement along your journey, check out the book I co-authored with (adoptee and mom-by-adoption) Madeleine Melcher, where we offer you 52 devotions to carry you through the year:

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