Friday, July 7, 2017

Dear Sugar: The Incredible Love Between Parent and Child Showcased in These Fabulous Picture Books

Dear Sugar:

You know I'm book obsessed, and today I've put together a collage of my favorite parent and child picture books for you!   Many feature multi-racial families, adoption, and/or text that is open to adoption.  Get ready to BAWL.   Well, a few will make you laugh.

My criteria:  must be inclusive, racially diverse (if possible---because #RepresentationMatters), and fun illustrations (I HATE books with YAWN FEST illustrations).   These books are best for children interested in picture books.

We've read every one of these (and own many of them), so they're MOM and KID approved!    Happy reading, friends, and if you click on the book image, you can get details on the book!

-This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  

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