Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adoptees in Children's Literature

Miss E (bottom left) watching Curious George and the employee/story reader

Last month, we had the opportunity to meet Curious George at Barnes and Noble. My daughter doesn't know any characters from shows (we do not allow her to watch much television), but she has a new found love for monkeys.

It dawned on me that day that Curious George is adopted by the man in the yellow hat! And this is clearly a transracial adoption of sorts!
Also, on a whim, I purchased three used videos back in March to take on vacation with us (10 hours in the car + a toddler=DVD player). One of these movies was Barnyard which turned out to be hysterical! And there was an adoption theme in the movie---TWICE!

Can you think of other adoptees in children's literature and/or movies? I'd love to explore this topic further.


  1. I never thought about Curious George being adopted before! That's great! My boys watch Dinosaur Train on's about a family of dinosaurs and one of the kids is adopted. They did one episode about why he is a t-rex and his brother and sisters are another kind of dinosaur. It was cute and got a conversation started with my 4 year old.

    Thanks for your blog by the way. I enjoy reading it!
    Sue (mom of two boys--transracial and very open adoptions and a biological baby girl)

  2. Corduroy is "adopted"! I love reading our three-year-old daughter that story!

  3. Annie! :) Man, oh man, did I love that movie!

    And the Von Trapp kids were adopted by "Maria", can't remember the actual Von Trapp name.

    My kids like Dinosaur Train too.
    I know there are more I'm not thinking of....


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