Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy D-Day to Me!

Today marks my sixth diagnosis-day anniversary.    

Type I diabetes.  Sigh.  

As I sit to type this blog post, I have little to say, for once, about my disease.   I feel like I've already said it all between my diabetes blog, the numerous diabetes-related articles and guest blog posts, volunteering, and the monumental task of living with this disease every day.

I am hopeful that there will be a cure for type I in my lifetime.  I pray that by working hard---eating healthy, exercising, carefully administering insulin, managing stress, etc.---that the cure will benefit me.    And if not a cure for me, for all the precious children who are newly diagnosed and their parents who live every day in fear and frustration as the family fights a disease that requires 24/7/365 management.     My heart goes out to those families.

Diabetes---it is what it is.   Sink or swim.  Do or die.   Get educated or get buried.    

I choose to live and to live well.   And I choose to not let diabetes win.  Ever.   

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