Friday, October 14, 2016

Dear Sugar: "This Is Us," Doc McStuffin's Adoption DVD Release, and an Unapologetically Black Mom

Dear Sugar,

Normally I only post once a week, but there's so much you need to know right now, that I cannot hold back!

First, have you watched "This Is Us"?  If not, it's the show EVERYONE is talking about.


In a nutshell, two parents have triplets, and one of the triplets dies during birth.  At the same time, a man takes his newborn baby to a firestation, leaving the infant.  A firefighter brings the infant to the hospital so the staff can find the baby a forever family.    The parents of the triplets take home two of their babies AND the newborn baby left at the hospital.

Their adoption is domestic, infant, and TRANSRACIAL, and (shocker) there's some openness too, much of it (as episodes have hinted) dicey---as we learn the (adoptive) mother and the (biological) father had contact after the child was born---but agree that the biological father will not interfere with the adoption and the relationship the (adoptive) parents have with their new son.

And there's other stuff too---like the moment when Mandy Moore (mom of newly formed triplets) breastfeeds her newly adopted son.  MIC DROP EPIC ADOPTION MOMENT.  This moment captures the permission mom gives herself to finally bond with her new son (permission she got, in part, from the child's biological father).

Also, the parents re-name their newly adopted son Randall--a name inspired by the biological father.   (Name changing---controversial in the adoption community).

The show goes between the past and present.  The triplets are now adults, each living complicated, interesting lives.  We get to know them as individuals.

Every episode is riveting.

It's too soon to tell how it's going to go for the adoption community:  accurate representation or drama just for drama's sake.   But I'm telling you, you've GOT to watch this show!

The best part is that the triad is represented and the audience feels empathy for everyone:   the adoptee, the biological dad, the (adoptive) parents, and the adoptee's siblings (and their tight bond as two of the three babies sharing utero space and biology).

So if you want a heartfelt show that showcases the complexity of adoption, race, relationships, and parenting, this show is IT!


Doc McStuffins DVD release!

Ya'll, we've been waiting for this!    The Doc McStuffins DVD featuring all the adoption episodes is being released in days.  It's available for pre-order from Amazon for a discounted price.  Click on the photo below to order.   We cannot wait!



Unapologetic black mom tells her daughter's teacher what's up.    I cannot even deal with the incompetency of Amia's teacher (including all the errors in her note to Amia's mom).  You can read my Babble article on what went down (and my reaction as a mom of four Black kids) here.

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