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Dear Sugar: March Book Recommendations

Hey there, Sugar!

Here are some of our recent reads we're lovin'! And remember, if you want to establish a family reading night, it's really easy, fun, and of course, educational.

Recommendations for adults:

1:  The Happy Kid Handbook

I'll be honest.  When I heard about this book, I was skeptical.  I generally loathe "self help" and "parenting" books.   I mean, who really has it all figured out?   But a fellow writer, one I greatly respect, who just came out with a book I'm completely in love with, recommended The Happy Kid Handbook.   So I decided to give it a whirl.   The author readily says she, like me, doesn't like this how-to-perfectly-parent book, and thankfully, this isn't one of those books.  If you've read The Five Love Languages (which I highly recommend), you'll love The Happy Kid Handbook.   Basically, the author talks about how to love your child and meet his or her individual needs, which is really important when you're parenting more than one kid and tend to have ONE set of expectations and rules.   She offers specific suggestions and even activities (which I LOVED!) for you---all with the goal of raising happy children.

2:  My Brown Baby:  On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children
There are very, very few books for moms parenting Black children. Based on her blog, Denene Millner book reads like a love letter to moms of brown babies.   And...spoiler alert...Denene has TWO CHAPTERS COMMITTED TO ADOPTION.    I'm flagging page after page in this must-read.

3:  Confessions of a Domestic Failure

Bunmi is one of my favorite writers, because she keeps it SO REAL.  If you don't already follow her on Facebook, do it NOW.  Her photos are unfiltered, as are her words.  Confessions of a Domestic Failure is her first fiction book (due to be released in May), and I've already pre-ordered it simply because her non-fiction book, The Honest Toddler, is the funniest parenting-not-parenting book I have EVER read.   

Recommendations for kids:

1:  Love Is

I had seen several people on IG recommend this book, and I knew we had to read it based on the cover alone.  This book is about a Black little girl and a duckling.  I don't want to give anything away, but let's say this book is about love, letting go, remembering, and celebrating the very special people (and animals) in our lives.  The illustrations are so gorgeous.  I want to frame every page.   Whimsical.  Timeless.   I just cannot say enough good things about it.

2:  Plenty of Love to Go Around

A dog named Plum is the star of the show until Binky the cat moves in next door.  The illustrations are so colorful and fun, and the book is perfect for exploring jealousy and acceptance to a child who is getting or has gotten a new sibling.   My children LOVED reading this one!

3:  A Family is a Family is a Family

Obsessed.  I am obsessed with this book!  A teacher asks her students what makes their families special, and the children share their family makeups:  diversity galore!   My favorite page features a little girl at the park with two other girls and a woman.  An older woman asks the mom to point out her "real children," and the foster mom says, "Oh, I don't have any imaginary children."  SCORE!   The illustrations are detailed and beautifully demonstrate that "family is a family is a family."  Whether you have adopted a child or not, this book is a must-own.

4:  We Love You, Rosie

Notice the love theme of these books?   This one is just so fun!   Two children, both Black, tell us all about their dog Rosie.  Rosie can be naughty, Rosie can be funny, Rosie is just so darn adorable!   If you love Todd Parr's books (like The Family Book), you'll enjoy this one.   The illustrations are colorful and kept the attention of my son (4) and his friend (also age 4).

5:  When God Made You

This book!   First, the book stars a Black girl.  Second, it's all about being proud and happy, rejoicing in being God's unique creation.   This is THE book to put in your daughter's Easter basket this year.  I promise you will not be able to get through it without crying buckets of tears.      

6:  Beautiful

Just look at the cover, and you'll see why I love this book.  It's all about how girls "should be" vs. how they are.   If you are tired of stereotypical books for your daughter, this one is all about being who you are, feminism, and dreaming big.   The cast of characters is racially diverse.

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