Monday, July 3, 2017

Dear Sugar: 15 Things People Have Actually Said to Our Family-by-Transracial-Domestic-Open-Newborn Adoption

Dear Sugar:  

The other day, I was thinking about all the things people have said to our family.   After almost a decade (a decade!) in the adoption community, we've encountered many interested, funny, not-funny, awkward, strange, absurd, complimentary, and shocking situations.   
These are all actual things that have been said to us.  I'd love to hear from you!   Head over to Facebook and chime in:  what has been said to your family?  

1:  Are they real siblings?

2:  Now that you've adopted, are you going to try to have your own real children?

3:  You have a beautiful family.  

4:  What country are your kids from? 

5:  Are you going to tell them they are adopted?  

6:  I've always wanted to adopt.  

7:  God bless you for adopting!   


9:  Are they [kids] in foster care?  

10:  Why didn't you adopt white children?

11:   At least you didn't have to deal with stretch marks!  

12:  There are so many kids who need good, loving homes.  

13:  Do ya'll run a daycare?

14:  How could someone give away such beautiful babies?

15:  I don't see color.  

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