Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear Sugar: 10 Things Every Parent by Adoption Has Heard

Dear Sugar:

If you've adopted already, you've likely heard some or all of these questions and statements...about 1000x!

1:  Why didn't you have your own kids?  

2:  Why did his mom put him up for adoption?

3:  Are your kids real siblings

4:  Now that you've adopted, I bet you'll get pregnant!  

5:  Were her parents young?

6:  I adopted a cat last year!  Isn't it so rewarding?  

7:  Isn't adoption really expensive?  

8:  Are you the nanny? 

9:  I've always wanted to adopt, but then I had my own kids.  

10: God bless you for giving a child in need a home.

Where do you stand on responding to such questions and statements?  How do you respond?  Let's chat on Facebook.

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