Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Our Son's Hair Routine, Favorite Hair and Skin Picture Books, and Haircut Questions

As a mama of three daughters, I often focus on resources to empower them.   After all, girls are stereotypically the ones who struggle with their appearance.  And when you're raising girls of color like I am, their appearance intermingles with culture, racism, colorism, and history.

But today, I want to share our favorite children's picture books that empower our Black sons to love their skin and hair.  Click on the perimeter of the book to learn more and purchase.  Click on the center to pin on Pinterest.  

And now, our son's hair routine!  Again, click on the perimeter of the image to check it out on Amazon.  Click on the center to pin on Pinterest.  

We typically wash and/or co-wash with this shampoo and conditioner.  I love the light scent! 

We moisturize with Curls leave-in.  This one smells like cake batter.  In the summer, we like to switch it up and use the Curls blueberry leave-in.   

Then we create defined coils using this coil sponge.  It's so easy to use and quite inexpensive! 

How often does our son get a haircut? 

Our son gets his haircut approximately every 3 weeks.  Because of his sensory issues, more frequent haircuts are difficult.  But with patience, time, and finding the right barber, haircuts have become increasingly more successful!  

Wouldn't it make more sense or be easier for us to cut his hair at home?  

It would be easier, but it wouldn't provide him with the cultural experience and growing competency I believe a Black child needs.  Having a Black barber is incredibly important!  We have found a barber who takes appointments.  His shop is a quiet, calm space (because of the appointments) that seems to meet the needs of our child and set our child up for success!  

Why not try a longer hair length or different style? 

We keep our son's hair very short (a 1 on the sides and a 2 on the top), in a fade style.  This minimizes the amount of time haircuts and styling takes.  It also fits him!  

As he gets older and can handle some of the hair care on his own, we will give him more freedom to choose his style.  But for now, we are making sure his hair cutting and styling experience is as positive as possible, given his sensory issues, by keeping hair short and simple, while still culturally appropriate.   

I can't wait to hear from you!  Your favorite hair products, your favorite hair-and-skin books for boys, and your son's hair routine!  

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