Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Ask, I Answer: What's It Like Getting THE call?

Painting...without a clue of future events
Painting...and yep, still no clue!

THE moment we got THE call

Packing clothes, blankets, and more....

Boiling the binks....

It was a sunny Saturday in November. We were taking on a home project: painting. When we first purchased our home (new), all the walls were "sand dollar"---which equals boring ol' beige. Gradually we painted rooms, changing our house into a home.

Our large kitchen and eat-in dining area were going from blah to bright and cheery. We planned to put up chair rail in the dining area, so we painted the bottom half a deep shade of blue and the top half (and kitchen) a very light yellow. We spent the entire day listening to the radio and painting: me the big spaces ('cause I'm messy!) and my husband the details (the edges, corners, above the cabinets, etc.). As late afternoon came upon us, we began to complete the job, knowing that soon we would have to clean up our paint supplies, shower, and head out the door to see the high school play my friend was directing.

My husband's cell phone rang in the midst of us wrapping up the paint project. He didn't recognize the number, but I encouraged him to pick it up anyway. (When you are waiting to adopt, you ALWAYS pick up the phone). I could hear him sounding surprised. Then he grew quiet and said, "I'll let you talk to my wife." He then said to me, "It's the agency."

The woman on the other end of the line told us that a baby girl had been born that morning. Did we want our profile shown? We said yes, our stomachs in knots, our hearts racing. We got a few details and then got off the phone.

Then we stared at each other---eyes wide. Hearts still pounding.

Now what?

We contemplated calling our friends and telling them I was sick and couldn't make it to the play. (I REALLY was sick---well, practically!). Then we thought, what are we going to do besides sit around all night and worry? Gulp. So we got ready and headed out the door.

As soon as we hit the interstate, my husband's cell phone rang again. It was our social worker. We argued for a few seconds about how to proceed, and I yelled (I think), "Find an exit!" We picked up the phone while cruising into an empty parking lot off one of the exits.

We had been chosen.

Because the adoption would occur out of state, we didn't have a reason to head out of town yet (well, I could think of a good reason----but anyway....). So we went to the play, both totally consumed with non-stop thoughts and crazy emotions. We kept squeezing each other's hands throughout the performance---sharing and relishing in our big secret.

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity. My husband went into work to wrap some things up, mowed the lawn (who knew how long we would be gone?), and learned to set up a pack-n-play. I prepped for two weeks' worth of classes, did laundry, cleaned the house, and secured an attorney.

I got some great advice while waiting from a fellow adoptive mom----HAVE THE CAMERA HANDY at all times. I took a snapshot of us talking to the social worker during THE call---a priceless moment.
Now, much like the walls of our home, a lot has changed in our family. Our paint job is a constant reminder of the day nothing was ever the same again.

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  1. Aww, what a happy post. I love that story every time I hear it!


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