Monday, July 26, 2010

Brown Babies---In Clearance

Why are the brown babies dolls so often in clearance, while the white babies are full price? (A recent trip to my local Target yielded these photographs).

Reminds me somewhat of adoption. Some agencies charge a lesser placement fee for "special needs" children, including children who are black. I guess the attempt is to lure in families to be open to certain races by offering a "discount"?

The truth is, there is a need for domestic infant adoption of black children. There are dozens of families lined up, desperately waiting for a healthy, white infant. But for black children, there is hardly any sort of line.
But adopting a child of color shouldn't be a financial decision in domestic infant adoption. Because a child is black forever and ever. Adoption or induction of a black child into a white family doesn't erase the child's need or desire to understand, to enjoy, to learn, and to partake in his or her racial identity.
It disturbs me greatly that any person would adopt a child as a means to a lesser wait time or because the cost is less.
The core issue, I think, in domestic infant adoption in general, is a lack of education---with adoptive families, agencies, and biological families. Knowledge is power in adoption.
I don't have everything adoption all figured out, but I'm determined to learn, grow, and change constantly, because my child deserves the best possibilities and opportunities.

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