Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vaca Photos~Outer Banks of NC (May '11)

Wild horses on the beach. Beautiful!

Baby E sitting up and enjoying some sun and sand.

Wild horses on the dunes of Corolla beach. Miss E kept saying, "I ride the horses." But getting within 50 feet of them can cost one a major fine and the offender is kicked off the beach! Yikes! So, I guess all we get are these pretty photos and the memories. :)

My girls watching the waves. This picture overwhelms me with joy.

Miss E enjoying the feel of the sand and surf. We bought her a swim cap to protect her hair from sand adventures.

This photo is in our living room.

My girls and me watching a sunset over the sound.

Sunrise photo from our beach house. My husband gets credit for this. I get up at sunrise for NO reason. :)

We enjoyed some alone time on the deck while our girls napped in the beach house.

I took this photo while my husband drove our SUV on the beaches of Corolla. Stunning!

Steve and Miss E enjoying the water.

WOW. I couldn't believe I saw the word "Colored" to refer to Black people! Gulp! Apparently, this group is raising money to renovate this old school---for what purpose, I'm not sure.
Here's the school.
Miss E watching the planes. She LOVES transportation vehicles---trains, planes, buses, and, of course, ice cream trucks!
I took this photo of me in Steve's sunglasses. He had to pose many times, as the sunglasses photo became my photography session for the week.

Our family LOVES the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Great restaurants, friendly folks, lots of great sights (wild horeses, lighthouses, The Lost Colony, beaches, shopping, and more). There's also the Wright Memorial and The Dunes (where you can climb these massive dunes and watch the sunset and the kites). This is our fourth or fifth time (???) to the Outer Banks.

Some tips:

  • Go before Memorial Day. The rates are way cheaper and, bonus, it's significantly less hot. The temperature was about 75 every day and partly sunny. And, not many kids are out of school yet, so many families have yet to take the vacation (meaning it's less crowded everywhere).

  • Stay ON the beach if you have little kids, not a few blocks away. It's a pain to haul all the kids stuff as it is. Plus, bathroom trips and snack runs are easier when you are on the beach.

  • See the sights. There are so many cool places to visit. I'd have to say that seeing the wild beach horses was, by far, the best part of our trip. But, you need to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle and be smart about beach driving. You can also go on a guided tour with your family.

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  1. We love the Outer Banks! My husband and I have been there many times for vacation. Looks like you had a blast! Great pics! We can't wait to be able to take children there someday!


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