Friday, September 7, 2012


I've been asked by a national radio channel producer to talk about transracial adoption TONIGHT.  Here's the info, and they are going to allow people to call in and ask questions:

" The Daily Drum" which airs on Sirius XM Channel 141. Today, 9/7/12 @ 7:15 PM EST


  1. I listened last night, great job!

    I am a social worker in the metro Washington, DC area. I worked with children in foster care and those at risk for out of home placement for several years. The stance taken on transracial adoption by the National Association of Black Social Workers is why I never joined.

    You addressed the comments of the other guest so well! You did not sugarcoat the challenges (and joys) of being a white mother to two black girls. I was also impressed that you realized that should your family expand to include a black son, that there will be other realities for him.

    I have watched too many children "age out" of foster care waiting for a family. Yes, transracial adoption presents challenge that same race adoption does not. However, it is all in how the parents rise to meet them and how they prepare their children for their roles in the world. Good job Momma!


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