Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going

I've spent some time lately thinking about how much my life has changed in the past few years and where it's headed.

First, yes, I have my "hands full" (as so many people remind me) with three little ones. 

But I've managed to "have it all."  I got my degrees, spent eight years teaching college composition (meanwhile adopting three children), wrote a book, wrote many articles, started and have maintained the role as facilitator of an ever-growing adoptive mom support group.   God has been good to me.

And I'm only 31. 

I'm at the point now where I look at people in their early twenties and realize I'm old(er).   And hopefully wiser.  More mature.  I have learned to be more gracious.  Less naive.  Less dramatic.  Less enticed by lesser things.

And I'm also at this place where I'm thinking, Now what?

I'm not teaching this fall, for the second semester in a row.  My longest break from being in a school since kindergarten.  It's strange.  Exciting.  A bit scary.

The book was published in March and has been steadily selling since.

My friend and I started a business on Etsy, which is slow, but we believe in what we're doing. 

I'm in this place where I'm wondering what I should be doing next.

Should I...
---work vigorously to promote my book and the Etsy business?
---start another book?
---go back to writing articles?
---start a new business?
---keep blogging/stop blogging?
---something else?

Or simply focus on my husband, my kids, and my diabetes/staying healthy?  

I feel change brewing.  Quietly roaring under some surface.   A mild prompting.

What is it?

I flipped open my Bible the other day, and here's the verse that is resonating with me as I move in whatever direction God would have me:

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

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  1. Wow. I loved this post. I get a little caught up too. With two websites, a possible book deal...I wonder what I should invest my time in most. Comforting to know that others feel the same way. Thanks for our openness!


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