My Publications & Appearances

My first book was called Princess and the Gold.  I wrote it when I was five.   I haven't stopped writing since.   :)

I have written for many publications on topics such as adoption, transracial adoption, open adoption, adoption ethics, diabetes, nutrition, exercise, patient care, and teaching.

I write.  A lot.    And I love it.  This is what I was born to do.   :)

Here's my publication/appearance resume.   Happy reading!

  • "Adapting and Adopting," Diabetes Forecast, 4.12

  • "An Affordable Option:  8 Ways to Save on Adoption," Krazy Coupon Lady, 11.02.11

  • "Not all Sugar is Sweet:  10 Tips for Staving Off Diabetes in Black Kids," My Brown Baby, 9.19.11

·       “What is True and Positive:  The Life of One Transracial Adoptive Family,” Multicultural Familia, 8.29.11

·       “Why White People Adopt Black Children,” My Brown Baby, 8.22.11

·       “A White Mom Wonders Whether Her Brown Babies Will Be Black Enough,” My Brown Baby, 8.1.11

·       “Diabetes Philosophies:  Yours and Mine,” Diabetes Health, 8.22.11

·       “Women and Diabetes:  A New Book With Fresh Insight,” Diabetes Health, 8.4.11

·       “Are We Ready for a Third Child?” Adoptive Families, 8.11

·       “Behind the Numbers on Children Waiting in Foster Care,” Adoptive Families, 7.11

·       “Continuous Glucose Monitoring:  The Joys and Pains,” Diabetes Health, 7.1.11

·       “Our Work in Progress Adoption Journey,” Adoptive Families, 6.11

·       “My Lovely Little Pump,” Diabetes Health, 6.24.11

·       “Insulin, Skin, and Needles:  Oh My!”   Diabetes Health, 6.10.11

·       “The Preference Box:  Top 3 Reasons That Box Gets Checked,”, 4.18.11

·       “The Unique Challenge of Being a Woman With Diabetes,” Diabetes Health, 4.15.11

·       “Be Thankful:  A Letter of Gratitude,” Diabetes Health, 4.7.11

·       “Opening the Door to Open Adoption,, 4.4.11

·       “My Glamorous Life,” Six Until Me, 3.14.11

·       “The Life I Waited For Arrived in a Different Way,” USA RISEUP, 3.4.11

·       “The Thrill of the Syringe,” Diabetes Health, 3.19.11

·       “January Fizzle,” Diabetes Health, 1.14.11

·       “At a Loss?”, Diabetes Health, 11.22.10

·       “Diabetes Month: Get Involved,” Diabetes Health, 11.12.10

·       “Can You Keep a Secret?”, Diabetes Health, 10.11.10

·       “What’s for Dinner?”, Diabetes Health, 9.22.10

·       “From Helpless to Heroic:  A Parents’ Guide to Changing the Statistics One Child at a Time,” Diabetes Health, 9.18.10

·       “Fantastic Fall Foods and Fun,” Diabetes Health, 9.11.10

·       “Ten Reasons to Test Your Blood Sugar,” Diabetes Health, 8.3.10

·       “Making an Ordinary Day Extraordinary,” Diabetes Health, 7.31.10

·       “Ignorance is Bliss or Knowledge is Power,” Diabetes Health, 7.9.10

·       “Getting Back to Basics When Life Gets in the Way,” Diabetes Health, 6.26.10

·       “Please Help!  What to do When You’re Deemed a Diabetes Expert,” Diabetes Health, 6.24.10

·       “Wholly Healthy,” Diabetes Health, 6.18.10

·       “I Can’t Look at Chips as Just Chips,” Diabetes Health, 6.10.10

·       “The Other:  How Spouses of Diabetics Deal,” Diabetes Health, 6.8.10

·       “Ten Tips for Being the Good Patient,” Diabetes Health, 6.3.10

·       “Flowers, Cards, and…Faux Pas…Oh My!”, Diabetes Health, 4.5.10

·       “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream,” Diabetes Health, 3.31.10

·       “Becoming Transracial:  Adopting Outside Your Race,” USA RISEUP, 3.4.10

·       “Mind, Body, and…Spirit?”, Diabetes Health, 3.02.10

·       “Happy (?) Anniversary,” Diabetes Health, 2.26.10

·       “Embracing a New Diet:  Vegetarianism,” Diabetes Health, 2.20.10

·       “Ten Tips for Baking Wisely,” Diabetes Health, 1.26.10

·       “Resolutions vs. Changes:  Make 2010 Count,” Diabetes Health, 12.30.09

·       “Joy and Jolly:  Making Your Holiday Less Stressful,” Diabetes Health, 12.17.09

·       “Sink or Swim?”, Diabetes Health, 12.4.09

·       “Portion Distortion,” Diabetes Health, 11.24.09

·       “Dear Medical Health Professional,” Diabetes Health, 11.07.09

·       “Organized Parenting,” Diabetic Parents, 10.19.09

·       “How to Teach When You Look Sixteen,” My First Year in the Classroom:  50 Stories That Celebrate the Good, the Bad, and the Unforgettable Moments.   8.18.09

·       “Parenting With Diabetes,” Diabetes Health, 6.26.09

·       “Diabetes and Adoption,” Diabetes Health, 4.17.09

·       “The Glorious Conclusion,” Diabetes Sisters, 1.6.09

·       “Clearing the Snow,” Diabetes Forecast, 11.08

·       “Oh the Questions,” Diabetes Sisters, 9.08

·       “What Can I Eat?”  Six Until Me, 8.21.08

·       “To Be Balanced,” Diabetes Sisters, 7.08

·       “Preparation:  From Diabetes to Adoption,” Diabetes Sisters, 6.08

·       “The Big D:  My Scarlet Letter,” Diabetes Sisters, 5.08

·       “Opinions are Like Noses, Everyone Has One,” Diabetes Sisters, 4.08

·       “Called Into Question,” Diabetes Sisters, 3.21.08

·       “In the Beginning,” Diabetes Sisters, 3.15.08