In 2003, my husband and I got married after dating for five years.   We never expected that our life plans would be drastically altered three years into our marriage by my diagnosis:  type 1 diabetes.  Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is risky to both the mother and the baby, so we chose adoption.  Choosing adoption really was "that easy" for me.

We started our adoption journey in spring of 2007.  We got the call for Miss E in November of 2008 after fourteen months of waiting.  

Then in summer of 2010, we began our second adoption journey.   On day one (yes, day ONE) of waiting, we got the call for our second child, a daughter, Baby E.    

We began waiting for our third child in October of 2012, and we were matched with a baby boy in November of 2012.   He was born and joined our family in January of 2013 (on my birthday!).   

In April of 2016, we considered adopting again, and started making calls to agencies.  The day we contacted an reputable, ethical agency, we were informed of an expectant couple looking for a family for their baby (gender unknown).  We submitted a profile and were chosen!  We waited five months for our baby girl, and she joined our family in September of 2016.   

All of our adoptions are domestic, transracial, and open.

Our life is hardly what we planned.

It's better. 

The future?   We shall see...

For now, we're relishing in today's joys.

We keep our children's names, faces, and details for their adoptions private out of respect for our children and their first families.  However, we love for you to keep up with our family.  We post non-identifying (but still gorgeous!) photos on social media:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.