Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear Sugar: The 5 Best Black-Female Owned Small Businesses You Need to Know About

Dear Sugar:

I'm so excited to bring you today's post.   Because these are some fierce Black female owned businesses that sell products we love!   Plus, I'm a big believer in supporting small businesses, especially when they work so hard to bring us quality products that are great for our family.      

Gabby Bows

Gabby and her mom make an incredible team, bringing us the "double face snap barrette."  If you follow on me on Insta, you know we're completely head-over-heels for the hair accessory.  I love these for a few reasons.  

1:  They do not fall out and stay in all different hair textures.  My kids all have different hair textures and lengths.   They even stay in my oldest daughter's (current) style which is cornrows with weave.  
2:  Because of this, you don't spend dollar after dollar buying hair accessories.  Just purchase some packs of Gabby Bows and that's it! They save you money over the long-haul.  

3:  They're colorful.  My daughters have different color preferences. My oldest likes purple, while my second daughter, who is athletic and active, prefers the teal.  My personal favorite are the clear-glitter barrettes because they match everything and add a little bit of sparkle to dressier outfits (for church, for a wedding, etc.).      

4:  The double-face means that the barrettes look cute no matter how they fall.   

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My Chocolate Curls

Once we tried the My Chocolate Curls Birthday Cake products, we've stopped looking for anything new.  We adore the products because...

1:  They're healthy.   They only use natural and/or organic ingredients and are free of parabens/sulfates/mineral oil/harmful dyes and chemicals.

2:  So.  Many.  Options.    Lip butter, whipped soap, shea butter body cream, shampoo, conditioner, and more.   She even has a MOCHA whipped soap:  and all the moms say YAS!!!!  

3:  They smell incredible.  We are scent-picky, because we have many allergies/sensitivities.   My absolute favorite product right now for my girls (and my son and I use it sometimes too!) is the Birthday Cake line.   Sweet without being overpowering.  Check out the My Chocolate Curls scent menu here to explore your options.  

4:  Minis and gift sets.   Want to try a sample size?  Grab a mini! Want to send the perfect birthday, graduation, etc. gift to someone you love?  Buy a gift set.    

Get 20% off your purchase with coupon code SAVE20


A few months ago, a friend (and fellow mama-by-transracial-adoption) sent me a link to a gorgeous, bold skirt for girls.   I couldn't believe how vibrant and stylish the skirt was!   Being a mom to a girl who loves skirts and dresses, I knew we HAD to have one for her!  Here's what I love about the company and products:

1:  Color.
Pastels and dull shades don't look good on my kids.  Brighter is better!   There are so many colorful clothing options to choose from, whether you're parenting a child or a teen.  

2:  Accessories.
Sometimes you just want to add a pop of color to an outfit, and D'iyanu offers great options: headbands, scarfs, choker necklaces, bow ties, and more!  Accessories galore!  

3: Unique and memorable.
Trust me:  when your daughter rocks her new skirt or headband (or whatever other fabulousness you purchase), she will be wearing something that makes a statement.   And think how gorgeous the pieces are for photos!     

4:  Long-term wear.
Pair the skirt with a simple sleeveless top or statement tee in summer or throw a jean jacket on with the skirt in cooler months. The quality fabric lasts for season after season. And if you're like me, I have three daughters:  so three girls will wear the skirt! 

D'iyanu is offering you 10% off your purchase with the coupon code:    SUGARSUMMER17

Sometimes a mama just needs a break!  Coming up with ways to keep your child occupied can be exhausting.  That's why I love this box subscription service:  takes the work out of my hands.  Boxes are designed for children ages 8-12.   

1:  Variety.   Every box comes with 1-2 books focused on Black leaders, bonus toy(s), activities, and activity supplies.   Voila!  Each box focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities and education.     

2:  It comes to your door.
Nothing is worse for me than carting my four kids to a store on a sweltering summer day, where there is guaranteed to be complaining, hunger, arguments, and frustration.  I love that the variety of activities comes in one box, delivered right to my front door. 

3:  Perfect for THAT kind of day.
You know what I'm talking about, right?  Kids are bored. Maybe it's pouring rain or record-breaking hot out.  I keep my DreamKeepers Box somewhere in hiding until one of those days arrive, and then I pull it out and let the kids have fun! It's like Christmas, but not in December.  

4:  All the box's contents focus on empowering and educating children about Black history, accomplishment, and future.  
I love that my children receive a box that is specifically ALL about their people, their history, and their future.  There is nothing like seeing the smile on my children's faces when they explore materials that tell them THEY matter, that THEY are beautiful and smart, and that THEY are awesome.  

Use code SUGAR20 for 20% off your first month's subscription.

ABC Me Flashcards

A few years ago, when this product was released, I was beyond excited.  There's nothing else like it on the market! My children love pulling out the small stamped drawstring bag and quizzing each other on Black history.  
1:  Colorful. 
I loathe anything marketed to children that is aesthetically boring.  These cards are colorful, bold, and detailed, offering visual appeal to children.  

2:  Two-sided.
The cards offer an illustration and featured letter on one side, details about the illustration on the other.  This means the cards are great for kids of a variety of ages.  TEACH the babies!  They are never too young to learn their history.  

3:  Occupy!  
Sometimes you need your kids to just go do something besides argue with each other or claim they are "bored." Have these cards on hand for the next time the kids grow restless.  Perfect for a rainy day!

4:  On-the-go learning.  
These cards teach children wherever they are!  Since they come in a fabulous stamped drawstring pouch, take the cards on an airplane ride or long car trip.  Stuck in a doctor's office waiting room?  Pull out the cards!  

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