Monday, June 12, 2017

Dear Sugar: I Used to Hate My Fine, Thin, Straight Hair, but Not Anymore

Dear Sugar,

Let's take a break from our "regularly scheduled" programming and talk about hair.  

I'm mad-jelly of the ladies on Pinterest and Insta, most of them fellow bloggers, who have mermaid hair.   Wavy, highlighted, and thick.  Gorgeous.    

Then there's me.   I've been "gifted" a few things by genetics that aren't so great.   1-thigh "hail damage."    2-adult acne.    3-thin, fine, straight hair.    (I'm just keeping it real.)  

Today's focus is #3.  

Now, I don't make it a habit of hating on myself.   The truth is, I celebrate myself and my strong body without shame.  Exhibit A.  I took a photo of myself, in a two-piece swimsuit, with all my dia-bad-ass equipment front-and-center and wrote an entire article about it.   

However, I've always struggled with loving my hair.   Finding the perfect products, cut, and color has been an ongoing battle.   That is, until recently. 

For starters, Color Proof Super Plump shampoo and conditioner smells like a mixture of jelly beans and cotton candy.  I always smell products before I buy them.  I don't want anything that smells like a grandma's garden, a man's shaving kit, or a health food store.   I want something light, fruity, and fun. 
Because let's be honest, I (like you) get very, very few minutes to myself, and if I do nab a five minute shower where no one knocks on the glass door and needs a boo-boo kiss or a snack, I call that a win.  But if I get a five minute uninterrupted shower AND get to wash my hair with something that smells like candy?   That's bliss.  

The shampoo and conditioner, which I've been using for well over two months, doesn't leave a residue.  It doesn't weigh my hair down.  And it hasn't stripped or dulled my highlights.  And I need very little product (just a nickel size amount in my palm) to get the job done.    

In fact, I love the products so much, that I had my photographer take my upcoming new book author pics with me wearing my hair down (very rare for me) in those beachy-waves I used to lust over instead of wearing myself. The pics were taken on a crazy-windy, warm, humid-ish day, and my style held without losing shine, curl, or bounce.   

Yes, I still rock my top-knot most days, because I don't have time to curl my hair.  Nor do I need to be all kinds of cute to spend my days changing diapers, making meals, doing laundry, and running errands.  However, even my top knot looks shiny and...well...happy!   

After years and years of struggling with my perception of my hair, of feeling like it didn't live up to everyone else's, I can finally say I've found the right product for my mane!   

-This post is sponsored by Color Proof; review all my own-

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