Tuesday, November 27, 2018

5 Black Boy Dolls You Need To Know About

As a mom of a Black son, I know finding Black boy dolls can be SUCH a challenge.  We have been fortunate to find five that we absolutely love. 

First, all of these are durable.  We all know kids can be rough with their toys.  The wear-and-tear struggle is REAL.

Second, these options are reasonably priced.  Of course, this important for all of us on a holiday budget! 

Third, these dolls are adorable!  Nothing is worse than a creepy doll except a doll that claims to be "African American" but doesn't look at all like our kids!  These dolls have brown skin, dark hair, and brown eyes.  No misrepresentation here! 

Click on the image for details, pricing, and reviews. 

Happy shopping!

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