Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Our Multiracial Family's Summer Fun and Swimming Must-Haves

Summer break starts in just a few days (!!!) for our family, and this year I'm ready to roll!  Because when you have curly-headed, melanin-rich kiddos, it's best not to just slather any ol' sunscreen on their skin or rely on big-box store swim caps.  

If you know anything about me, you know we prefer to live as non-toxic as possible. We also prefer to buy products from Black-owned small businesses. We personally use all of the products I'm recommending!  

1:  Swim caps.

Last summer, I learned about Swimma, a Black-owned swim cap company. We love that the caps come in different sizes and colors! Since my kids swim every day, it's important for us to protect their hair (including their parts) from the sun and pool chemicals. Plus, wearing a cap saves a lot of hair prep and after-swim-care. 

2:  Sunscreen.

Everyone in our family (parents and kids) uses this sunscreen (I love this combo pack: sunscreen and insect repellent). The ingredients are fairly healthy, I like the high SPF protection, and the pump-spray is easy to use and transport. (The downfall, it does not go on clear. It does have white tint to it.) I'm not a fan of aerosol sunscreens which contain toxic propellants. 

3:  Aloe.

Right before our family vaca to Sanibel Island in January, I discovered this aloe gel by one of my favorite natural brands. It not only works on sunburns, but also bug bites as well as other "first aid" needs. Plus, I'm a huge fan of all-things-tea-tree. This product smells more like aloe than tea tree: FYI.

4:  Moisturizer.

It's important to follow up outside and pool time with a great moisturizer. Our family uses a few different lotions, including Sweet On You products (talk about yummy scents!) and Avalon Organics Aloe lotion (I love me some aloe!) because it's essentially scent-less (for those who are sensitive to smells). The Sweet On You products are much thicker, and the Avalon product is thinner. The Avalon product has a lavender option (great for kiddos who struggle to fall asleep/calm down) and a peppermint option (great for feeling refreshed!). 

5: Bandages.

More outdoor play means more boo-boos. Our family loves Tru Colour Bandages, a company started by a dad-by-transracial-adoption. The bandages come in three skin-tone colors. They are latex-free and don't contain any antibacterial creams built-in (which we like because some kids have allergies to those creams). 

What's your family's favorite summer must-have product? Be sure to join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram!

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