Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The 10 Best Picture Books that Teach Children About Slavery and Juneteenth

Slavery and Juneteenth are HARD topics. Thus, many parents do not want to broach them with their children. And there's the argument to be made that we can over-emphasize parts of Black history, including slavery and Civil Rights.

Black children shouldn't be subject to only learning about the hardest parts of history; but we shouldn't avoid the topics either. And let's not forget that ALL children need to learn about "Black history." Because Black history is American history. 

Juneteenth is coming up, (June 19th, for those who aren't aware), which provides us with an important opportunity to talk to our kids about slavery, as well as emancipation.

Here are our favorite children's picture books addressing these difficult subjects. Click on the book cover to read reviews, descriptions, and purchase if you wish:

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