Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let Go

I have never been one to relax. I'm like my dad: passionate, hyper, enthusiastic. I get a good idea, and I'll turn it into an action in two seconds.

As I learn what it's like to be a full time SAHM again (I first did it for eight months with my first daughter), I'm creating a to-do list because that's what I do. I'm project and goal oriented.

I've been trying to figure out how to teach Bible verses to my daughter and incorporate that into our daily routine. I'm also planning to start teaching her (more formally) her shapes, letters, and colors. I wanted to implement a date night with my husband once a month and a reading night for our family once a week. Miss E and I have Mommy and Me Dance Class once a week. I have my adoptive mama group I facilitate. I workout every morning. I'm in the process of learning to make homemade soap. Then there's dishes, laundry, cooking, errand running, get the point.

One day I was venting on Facebook about my to-do list, and a mommy-friend of mine posted something so simple and wise: You have two babies. It's ok.

She's right. So what if my daughter can't recite a Bible verse perfectly and I haven't mopped in two weeks? If Miss E claims that the red block is green, at least she's saying a color! :) If we have on our pjs until 1:00 in the afternoon because we were playing all morning, so what?

Again, I am so blessed to have this time at home with my girls. I realize this is a privilege, and I should take full advantage of it. Life isn't a project or a checklist. It is, to be cliche, a journey, and it really is "ok" to just let life happen.

I will constantly channel my purpose and passion into doing what I think is best for my family, but with two babies, a husband, a house, diabetes, and my writing career, my plate is full. So I'm leaving room, lots of room, for "dessert." :)

Cheers to wise friends and letting go! And remember, it's ok to say no!

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  1. Very wise. Something I struggle with as well. I make my checklists and sometimes, God just has to wrinkle them up to mellow me out a bit before I drive everyone crazy with my lists. :)


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