Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Gifts, Low Prices

With twelve days until Christmas, you may find yourself struggling to find gifts for family members, friends, your kid's teacher, and that gift exchange at work.  

Here are some simple, affordable, and fabulous gift ideas:

---A magazine subscription.   It's the gift that gives all year long.   Check out the Krazy Coupon Lady's postings for popular magazines at rock-bottom prices.    (Seriously, like some are $4 or $5 a year!!!) 

---A photo on canvas.   Instead of framing a favorite photo, try this easy and affordable craft. (I'm actually allowing mine to dry as I type this).    I love that you can customize this gift for anyone.   Use a photo of their dog, or your kids, or a favorite beach.  Whatever works!

---Body scrub.    There are so many recipes online for making inexpensive and green body scrubs using ingredients you already have in your home:   sugars, oils, and spices.    My daughter and I whipped up two batches tonight---one with orange peel in it and one called Vanilla Cookie scrub.   Put them in small glass jars, tie a ribbon around, and make your own label.  Voila.

---A coffee table book.   Hit the bargain section of your local bookstore and purchase either one book (and add something inexpensive to the gift that goes along with the book such as a book on Hollywood and add a tube of red lipstick) or two to three books which you stack and tie with ribbon.  

---A themed gift.  Two years ago at a Christmas party, each attendee had to bring a $10 gift to exchange.   I went with a chocolate theme.   I purchased chocolate chips, brownie mix, and hot chocolate.    The ladies went wild over my gift, and I felt good giving something edible (rather than another bottle of cheap-o body lotion that smells like a funeral home).   Other ideas:  a bottle of wine and some wine charms, a polo shirt and golf balls, boxes of herbal tea and a mug.

---Re-gift.   I'm a huge fan of re-gifting.  However, there are a few rules.  Only re-gift something that you would consider buying for the person.  Make sure you aren't re-gifting an item that will be opened in front of the person who gave you the gift originally.   Be sure the gift is in new condition (not wrinkled, stained, expired, monogrammed, or smelly). 

---Gift card.   When in doubt, I think everyone appreciates a little pass to shop for free.  Just add a little something to it for instant gratification---like a $10 Starbucks gift card plus a reusable tumbler, for example.  

---Service.  Maybe you don't have $50 to invest in a gift for someone at the moment, but you can write the person a gift certificate for a free night of babysitting.   

---A movie night...of sorts.   Target has some fabulous deals on movies this week (some just $5 or $7!).  Add some gourmet popcorn (or Archer Farms, Target's brand, has popcorn flavoring shakers), and you have a gift! 

Happy shopping! 

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  1. Excellent gift ideas, Rachel. To add to the movie night idea... Target also has plastic movie-theater popcorn buckets in that little island section of cheap goodness at the entrance of the store. You can display your gift in the popcorn buckets and they look really cute! haha...I feel very manly writing this.


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