Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Change is Upon Me

So much is going on right now.  I'm overwhelmed.   I'm scared.    I'm frazzled.  I'm blessed.

We recently purchased a new home.  I've been dreaming of a new home for years now.   I love possibility.  I love projects.     Our new home is incredible.    We have been looking at houses for a few years now, and seriously since January.   House after house.   I wondered, do you just know when a house is THE one, like a wedding dress, or is it a more practical, less personal transaction of sorts?     After finding our house, our HOME, I've decided that you do just know.  

So with a new home comes packing and planning.   With two small children, a nearly-over semester (which includes 42 research papers to be graded), and the normal day-to-day activities,  I'm exhausted.

In other news, I'm working diligently on my adoption book.  You might recall that I asked for submissions for an adoption anthology several months ago.  That project is on hold for now.   My focus is on the book solely written by me.  Details to come.   But let's just say it's completely daunting.   So many people say they want to be a writer.    Saying and doing---two different things for sure.

With a nearly four-month summer break on the horizon, I'm mentally plotting summer activities for my girls.  I'm thinking of weekly goals. I want to practice letters and numbers with my oldest daughter, have devotional time with the girls, play games which help them remember to share and take turns, etc.  Lofty goals, I know.   I also want to learn more and practice styling the girls' hair.  Oh, and there are articles to write.

I need a beach vaca.  A long nap.   A few glasses of wine.   Several good books.    I need time to reflect, to write, to think, to pray.   To do nothing.  I need sunshine.   I'd like days of eating nothing but veggies and fruit and healthy proteins---refreshing.   I'd also like days of ice cream and brownies.  :)

My father always tells me, change is good.   He's right.  

What's going on with you and your family?  What do you need today?   What can you do to meet that need?   What needs to change?  What needs to rest and be reflected upon?

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