Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ask Rachel: Domestic Adoption Profile Books

Ren, a blog reader, recently left a comment and asked if I have any suggestions on creating your domestic adoption profile book.  

Here are some tips and thoughts regarding profile books:

1:  Tell the truth.    :)      Don't worry about having the prettiest, most exciting, full of glitter (haha--like the couple on Modern Family who had a musical-pop up-glitter profile book---what a riot!) profile book.   Let your book reflect who you truly are.    If you love baseball----include those baseball game photos.   If you like to garden---include a picture of your garden.   Active family?  Travel often?   Love movie nights at home?   Gather photos that show your family's true colors.  

You want to be chosen for who you truly are.    Don't be deceptive!

2:  Captions count.   Put captions under your photos.   State who is in the picture, the date, and what is happening.    

3:  Put it together well.    I recall a birth parent telling me that she saw a few profiles that were black and white copied pages stapled together.     One, copies aren't the best way to display photos.   Two, where is the care?    Make a photo book from scratch or on a photo website so it's easy to read.  Plus, if you make the photo book online, you can easily order more books as needed, and most sites store photos and photo projects forever.

4:  Have fun!    The profile book isn't just for expectant parents; it's also for you.   Adoption is a journey, and your book reflects where you have been and where you hope to go.     Enjoy putting it together! 

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