Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Most Popular Blog Post

If you blog, you'll probably notice that your blog has a "stats" section where you can see how many times your blog has been viewed, who views your blog (geographically speaking), and which of your posts are the most popular.  

I decided to find out which post of mine was most popular.  I am surprised.   It's not one that rants on and on (well, that's not really a surprise), or one that offers a giveaway or interview, or a Q and A on adoption.  

My most popular blog post is where I share the story of the adoption of our second daughter.

The post is simple, straightforward, and well, beautiful.

People are curious about adoption.   They want to see what this whole adoptive parenting thing is about.  

I am honored that our story can be shared and celebrated.  


  1. What a sweet story, Rachel. I think my most popular post is also one where I talk about the day we got the phone call for our second child. You're right: people love stories of adoptions :)

  2. Hello. I am not sure if you are currently taking questions right now, but I am currently working on a profile for a domestic adoption. I was wondering, what advice/suggestions do you have for preparing the profile?


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