Saturday, June 16, 2012



If you haven't visited my Resources page in awhile, take some time to browse!  I'm adding new titles every week, giving my blog readers many educational titles on the subjects of adoption, diversity, siblinghood, African American history, and more.

Summer is a great time to catch up no reading!

Some of my favorite recently added books include:

I'm Here (Peter H. Reynolds):  A story featuring a boy with autism.  (Fab illustrations!)

Being Lara (Lola Jaye):  A fiction title written by a former foster child.  Her main character, Lara, copes with being transracially adopted and reunites with her birth mother.

Another Brother (Matthew Cordell):  Poor Davy!  He loved being an only child, but then mom and dad kept adding to the family until there were 12 brothers!   Davy can't catch a break as his brothers are constantly in his way.   Is there hope? 

Freedom Song:  The Story of Henry "Box" Brown (Sally M. Walker):  The book jacket says it all-:  "Walker weaves a lyrical, moving story of the human spirit" as she shares the story of Henry Brown, a boy who grows into a man who loses his family to slavery.   Henry hides himself in a box and is shipped to his freedom and hopefully, to his family.          

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