Saturday, October 31, 2009

Questions---A Race-Related Rambling

These thoughts run through my head.

What will I teach my daughter about slavery? When? How?

What will I say when she asks why someone is making comments about the color of our President's skin?


Why is only one month of the year Black History Month?

Why do our national holiday's focus on white men? (Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Pulaski)

Black or African American or African-American?

The N word. What do I tell my daughter about that? When? How?

Why does it seem like most crimes (as reported by the media) are committed by black males?

Why are black people told they are "white" or "Oreo" when they speak standard English?

Why are there rankings of skin color, even if everyone being "graded" is black?

Why do nearly zero percent of advertisements, children's picture books, Hallmark cards, and stock photos feature multi-racial families?

Why do some people still say "colored" when referring to black people?

How do I introduce my child's culture to her without being stereotypical? And is stereotypical bad? Good? Helpful? Hurtful?

How do I celebrate race without down-playing or up-plaing it's significance?

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