Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am thankful---simply, fully, purely.

I have a husband who loves me without conditions. Who gives me what I need, exactly when I need it. Who provides for our family without complaint. Who would do anything to make his family happy.

I have a daughter who lights up my life with everything she does. When she says, "MAMAMAMA" she breaks my heart. When she is crying, she is beautiful. When she is smiling, she is beautiful. When she laughs, I laugh, too. When she lays her head on me, I melt.

I have a God who forgives me time and time again. He sacrificed His son so that I could be free. He blesses me beyond measure, and much, much more than I ever deserve.

I have parents who raised me to be the woman I am: independent, strong, determined, focused, enthusiastic, and capable. I have parents who love God and believe His will for my life is much greater than mine.

I have siblings who are funny, joyful, brave, and convicted. They always make me laugh. I am so proud of the people they are.

I have a church that pushes me to reach for the bar, not try to manipulate God to lower the standards. My church is beautifully diverse, generous, and willing to change for better days.

I have a disease that has enabled me and compelled me to reach out and inspire others. My diabetes has forced me to become healthier and stronger. Without it, we wouldn't have our daughter through adoption.

I have two jobs that inspire me and educate me. To write is my dream and now, my accomplishment. To teach writing was never my first plan, but has become part of my heart.

I have friends who encourage me, make me laugh, and know when to be serious. I am lost without them. They anchor me.

None of these blessings come to me through my own doing. They are enhancements to my life, gifts from God.

May you take time today to reflect on the many ways God has blessed you.

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