Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Goodness

You've likely heard this song, but did you know the music video features children who have been adopted? Kudos to Third Day. :)

In addition to blogging here and freelance writing, I'm now going to be blogging for Adoptive Families magazine! My new blow will be called "Raising a Rainbow." If you check this link, you'll see new blog posts from myself and other writers.

My newest response to many adoption questions, particularly nosy ones, is to hand the stranger either my social worker's business card and/or my blog's business card and say, "Sounds like you are interested in adoption. You can learn more here." :) It's not rude, but it shuts down a conversation that is either inappropriate, uncomfortable, or inconvenient.

Do black kids get sunburns? Do black adults get skin cancer? Yes and yes. Check out these tips.

Finally, I love when little kids notice color (and yes, I mean color, not race). A child recently said to me, "Hey. Are you her mommy?" while pointing to Miss E. I said, "Yes." She then said, "She's brown!" I smiled and said yes. That was the whole conversation. So innocent, so sweet, so honest.


  1. I have not seen that video, love it. Our the black babies the lead singers babies? I thought he adopted? I put sunscreen on Lauren, even though she is dark. My ped in the middle of AR told me no, but I investigated it myself. Being in the sun all day would burn anyone, even a dark person. I asked my sons dermatologist, and yes they can burn and get cancer, so thank you!

  2. I see how you answer questions now!
    * Len


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