Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair Hair Hair: Part II

Miss E and Baby E have very different heads of hair.  Miss E has curly, dry, easily tangled hair that is fun to style (or not---because who doesn't love a good afro?).   Baby E has fine, silky, slightly curly hair that is too short to do much with at all.     Both girls will grow up battling their hair and trying to identify with black hair culture.

As book-lovers, we've picked up several fabulous titles surrounding the subject of hair, as well as some videos:

I Love My Cotton Candy Hair

I Love My Hair

Fancy Nancy Hair Dos and Don'ts

Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair

The Hair Book

Happy to be Nappy

Happy to be Nappy and Other Stories of Me (DVD)

Sesame Street's I Love My Hair segment

We also try to purchase black dolls that have natural-looking hair (not straight and silky!).    A friend of mine gave one of these dolls to my girls this Christmas.      A great place to shop is Etsy where sellers will often customize dolls no extra charge!    Check out babychickie and LeenGreenBean.

What are your favorite hair resources for your kiddos? 


  1. Thanks for mentioning my shop (babychickie). My daughter is white, so although it would be easy to find dolls that look like her, I have always provided her with dolls of a variety of skin tones and hair types to reflect all of the beautiful children, and she plays with them all. Actually, her favorites have brown skin.

  2. We have a couple.

    I like Myself, by Karen Beaumont

    Girls Hold Up this World, Jada Pinkett Smith

    I have another one that I can't recall the name of that has many girls with various curls, and hairstyles. It's one of Mea's favorites.

    Honestly, I always try to pick kids books for her that have positive hair language in them. I want Mea to embrace her curls and know that they are beautiful.

    Where American Girl dolls, don't really have a brown girl with actual curly hair. Toys r Us does offer a doll the same size and style with afro puffs.

  3. My boys have short hair, so it's pretty easy with me, but have you heard of Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly or Carol's Daughter, or Curls brands? Most are at Super Target or online.

  4. Hair Dance by Kelly Johnson is the other book. A really good one. All different hair styles and textures.


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