Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When In Doubt...Type It Out!

An article I wrote last year for is blowing up the website once again.   Apparently a few people (with many friends?) have been posting a link to the article on their Facebook pages, getting posters riled up about transracial adoption.

I hope you'll visit the article and leave a comment there, letting readers know what you think.

Oh, and while you're reading (instead of sleeping, working, or doing chores), check out this awesome post by a fellow adoption blogger on the whole idea of Mommy Wars and we should really be fighting for. 

Lastily, are you going to enter the Adoptive Families photo contest?   We sure are!  Good luck! 


  1. Just finished reading your post over on MyBrownBaby. Thank you for your post, but I must say that the comments left there left my jaw hanging. It shocks me to see that even now in 2012 that there is still so much stigma and ignorance surrounding adoption! But it is good to know that the reasonable and properly informed voices are stronger ;)

  2. Can I get an AMEN??!!! Amazing articles!! Simply Amazing!!!!!


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