Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sisterly Love

I am the oldest of three children.  My sister and I, like many, had a love-hate relationship growing up.   But most of it was love.  :) 

I'm not sure what I pictured my family to look like when we started our adoption journey.   We were almost always shown (our profile) to expectant parents who were having white boys.   Go figure.    And now we are the parent of two brown girls who are awesome at being sisterly.

I love when Miss E sings her sister's name---letter by letter.   I love the way they wrestle.    When Baby E gets mad, she slaps her sister across the face, and in response, Miss E holds the baby's chin and says, "No hitting.  Ouch!  Hitting hurts."  She mothers her younger sister, just as I mothered mine.    Miss E will do all sorts of things to Baby E without Baby E's permission---put a dress-up hat on her head, kiss her, hug her, dance with her.   Miss E will take off her sister's shoes when we enter the house.   Miss E will also dump all unwanted veggies onto her sister's high chair tray.  :)

They get jealous of one another.   If I pick one girl up, the other wants to be held.   If I give one girl her food first, the other gets angry.   They want equal (no, more) attention. 

I love when the girls are dressed alike.   It's so sweet to see them in matching dresses.

I know I talk about this often.    Spend a day with me.  You will see that my girls are REAL sisters.

The future is bright.   I think about when someone says something nasty to one of my girls.  Watch out!  Sisters don't tolerate someone hurting the other sister.   I imagine them putting on plays (like my sister and I did many times) in the living room, staying up late at night---giggling, whispering, and talking mean about their parents, prom, weddings.   

I am blessed.


  1. Such a sweet relationship. That question always bothers me: are they brother and sister? Well, yes, because they are both our children and we are a family. And yes, they happen to be biologically related as well but the third one won't be so, even though I know what the question behind the question is, I just say: "yes" and let the person figure out what they will figure out :)
    I am an only child so my kids' relationship is a beautiful mystery to me.

  2. Yes! I have 2 little boys who are 10 months apart. And I love their relationship. They are so cute together (and maddening, at the same time! HA!)

    I don't remember the first 2 years of my second sons life because of lack of sleep having 2 boys under 1 and 2 years old. I had no idea what God was thinking when he put our second son in our laps so quickly after adopting the first. But, now I do!!! So awesome to see God and His mighty hand intervene for the sake of my sweet boys' them a brother that was so close to their own age!


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