Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Products

A reader asked what I use in my girls' hair.   

Like many moms of African American kiddos, I've purchased (and rejected) many hair products.   Part of my confusion came from the fact that it seemed every time I turned around someone was telling me THE product to buy.  So I'd buy it.  It wouldn't work.  

It took me awhile to realize that not all black hair is the same and that trial and error is necessary, for a lifetime, as the child's hair changes and as new products come on the market.

For now, this is what we are using:

We use an organic, raw apple cider vinegar rinse on the girls' hair about once a week.   

For Miss E, I use Kinky Curly products, specifically the gel (Curling Custard) and detangling gel (Knot Today).      I have found that straight up olive oil works really well, but her hair smells like stir fry....

For Baby E, whose hair is silky, thin, and has soft curls, I sometimes use organic coconut oil with a bit of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk (for scent).   

I am NOT an hair expert by any means.   One of my goals for the summer is to do more research on black hair care and learn some new styles for my girls!


  1. We use AVLON Kera Care sulfate-free non-lathering shampoo and conditioner. I think the coconut oil should be great! Black soap for the skin (not the vagina) and Shea butter 100% for lotion. You are doing an awesome job, impressed you took on the challenge! God Bless you all!

  2. I think you are on the right track about finding the right products for your daughter's hair but it is not just about the "BEST" products for their hair. You first have to figure out their hair type. After you figure this out than you will make more informed decisions about which products to use and how often to use them. Go to You Tube and type GreenBeautyChannel and watch her video on hair porosity. After watching this video then go to Kimmaytube Channel and watch her videos on washing, detangling, stretch, etc. I know this post is old and may be, you have already learned all this but if you haven't You Tube is a good source for learning about natural and relaxed AA hair care.


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