Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm an Open Adoption Blogger, and we've been asked to write about Mother's Day.   You can read other blogger's posts here.

What I want to say to you today, dear reader, is this:

Birth mothers are REAL mothers.   They deserve to be honored and treated with respect and remembered on Mother's Day.    People often dismiss them because their children aren't physically with them, but I assure you that the children these women placed for adoption are in the hearts of birth mothers EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of every single day.  

Adoptive mothers are REAL mothers, too.   I'm not a fake mommy.  :)  

A child can have two mothers---one by birth, and one by adoption---and that's ok.  If it makes you uncomfortable, too bad.  ;)

Mother's Day is hard for a lot of women---birth mothers, women who have lost their fertility, women who have lost children, women who want to be mothers so badly but cannot at this time, and many, many more women.   Mother's Day is hard for someone who has lost a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend.

Mother's Day isn't all roses and candy and jewelry.   Mother's Day is so much more and so much less.  

God, Thank you for the women who surround me---physically and virtually.  I pray a special blessing upon them today.  Please meet them in this moment and give them what they need.   Thank you for the mothers who gave birth to my children.  Thank you for my own mother who has, despite all the odds and bad cards she was dealt in life, prevailed and continues to prevail, being the woman I can only hope to be.   Love, Rachel

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