Monday, January 21, 2013

BABY MAKES THREE! (and Happy MLK Day!)

I had scheduled this blog post some time ago....but I have a little something to add to it....

On my birthday, our son was born!   Yes, that's two girls and one boy, each just 2 years apart. 


We are tired and joyful.  :)   Our girls are WONDERFUL big sisters, holding their brother, kissing him, pulling his binky in and out and in and out of his mouth, taking his hat on and off.

I cannot believe we have THREE children.    I know some of you with larger families are laughing right now----just wait, Rachel.   :)   

We've been asked how we can adopt SO many kids (three is "so many"?) and "are you done yet?"  Finally, we get, "You FINALLY got a boy."    First, love doesn't divide or deplete with more children, it grows and multiplies.     And secondly, I have no idea if we are "done" yet or not.    That's up to God.    He's the one who prompted us to adopt again so soon, who got our paperwork to us just in time, who guided us through every step, who is blessing us now.     We are thrilled to have a son, but as with both our previous adoptions, we were open to either sex and a child of any race.   God chooses our child for us, and I'd say He's done a pretty fantastic job.


So now, I've got three little ones and a book to finish (soooo close).  

My joy is full!


And now, the original blog post.

I've always had a slight connection to MLK because we share the same birthday (January 15).  :)

I hope you take a moment today to watch, with your family, MLK's famous speech.   It's deeply moving and thought-provoking. 

I'm so thankful for those who fought for my children long before they were ever born. 


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Oh how I wish you'd post pictures!!! This is wonderful news.

  2. Congratulations! I skipped having three (went straight from two kids to four kids), so I have no idea what that's like, but I'm sure it's a good kind of crazy. Enjoy your precious bundle.

  3. Congrats Rachel to you and your family! Praying the transition from 2 to 3 is more joyful than challenging (though likely both) and that your new precious one lets you get enough sleep that you still have energy to enjoy your girls. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations!! My husband and I attended an evening talk you gave several months ago, and I have followed your blog since that time. We welcomed our first child through adoption (also a son) back in September. He was born on my husband's birthday! Sharing a birthday somehow makes it feel like a tiny little extra sign from God. Blessings to your family!

  5. So SO SO thrilled for you and your family!!! Congratulations and God bless you as you raise your three wee ones. :) :) :) :)

  6. Oh how exciting!! I was just thinking I needed to check your blog to see if anything had happened in the past month!! I'm behind on my blog reading!! Yeah for you all!!


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